Too Much!

The warning signs were there, but I didn’t notice them until it was to late and by then there was no stopping it in its tracks, I had to watch the destruction the Anxiety Tornado left in its wake. My Anxiety became to much to handle, it reached new heights and I had no ideaContinue reading “Too Much!”

Hypervigilance and Sensory Sensitivity

Last night was not a great night for sleep; instead of shutting off my mind decided to ponder on the whys? Hows? Whats? and whens? of life (my life, specifically). One consistent theme that kept popping up was Sensory Sensitivity and the impact Hypervigilance has on it. I know, I know, completely random and IContinue reading “Hypervigilance and Sensory Sensitivity”

Experiencing Burnout

One of the things I have noticed is that I seem to cope for so long, before I can’t any longer, and then I will crash. I will experience extreme exhaustion, pain and Depression. Whether it is mental health burnout or autistic burnout I am unsure, perhaps it is both. What I do know isContinue reading “Experiencing Burnout”

A Box Full of Self-help Books

Under my bed, in a clear plastic box with a plastic lid, I have a ton of self-help books. I have read many of them from cover to cover, hoping beyond hope that I could figure out how to ‘fix myself,’ to make myself more normal or at least to help me overcome my battlesContinue reading “A Box Full of Self-help Books”

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